How To Download Google Maps To Your Android Phone

6 thoughts on “How To Download Google Maps To Your Android Phone”

    1. Unfortunately not. Google Maps on Android is much better than on the iPhone. That is why I use the free MapQuest iPhone app. But MapQuest doesn’t allow you to download maps either.


  1. Maybe I’m tired this morning, but I never saw an option to locally store the map. This sounds like a great feature though. I love Google Maps and I do use it every day when I’m on the road. One thing I find really helpful too is to go to my desktop and type in an address for the subject property. Once I do this (with my Gmail account open already), Google Maps automatically syncs with my phone. So I can go to type in an address and I only need to type the first one or two numbers of the address in my phone for directions and the whole thing will come up right there. Quick and easy and safe. I love it.


    1. Hey Ryan. Let me know if you find the option to download the map. I copied the directions from the Google blog post. Being able to sync the desktop and smartphone map is an awesome feature! I didn’t know it would do that. I’ll have to try it on my iPhone.


  2. I guess this option can be very useful, but I can’t help wonder when google is so awesome and helpful why they just can’t let us download big maps? Especially now that they use vector-techn0logy which take up a lot less space than maps did previously….

    I just know that for several of my previous Nokia-phones dating back 4-5 years always gave me the useful option of downloading maps; I always downloaded 4-5 of the biggest countries in Europe which I deemed most useful…..🙂

    Honestly, I was not aware of this until I bought my first Android-phone a couple of days’ ago…


    1. Thanks for the comment. That is interesting. I use to have a Samsung smartphone that I had downloaded maps to. It really came in handy. I don’t why Google only allows smaller maps to be downloaded.


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