neighbortree Lets Anyone Start A Community Website For Free

5 thoughts on “neighbortree Lets Anyone Start A Community Website For Free”

  1. Thanks for the list Bryan and I appreciate you mentioning too. I’ll watch to see how NeighborTree unfolds. Is that the same “Zaio” that was attempting years ago to take photos of every house in America (in zones) and then have appraisers buy into these zones? I don’t think their plan ended up working out and I don’t recall what their end game was too (maybe something like


    1. You are welcome Ryan. I am looking forward to the posts on goodneighbortv!

      That is the same Zaio that was selling zones to appraisers. It looks like they are still in business but their social network site does not appear to have much activity.


  2. Wow, funny to see Zaio change directions. If you ever looked into their past ventures and saw what they were charging appraisers I guess it’s easy to see why that didn’t work. Will be interesting to see how the new social network site will go. Good post Bryan.


    1. I know, it is interesting to see Zaio with a social network. I have a feeling we haven’t see the last of Zaio and their zone system though.

      No problem about the name. It must be very hard to type Bryan without a T since you son’s name is Bryant!


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