iPhone 4 LED FlashLight App – A Must Have iPhone 4 App For Real Estate Appraisers

6 thoughts on “iPhone 4 LED FlashLight App – A Must Have iPhone 4 App For Real Estate Appraisers”

  1. That’s a nice feature and much superior to my phone. My flashlight app tends to be like the first app you showed in the video. I didn’t know you upgraded to the iPhone 4. Any problems with dropped calls or holding the phone in the wrong way? 🙂


    1. I was pretty surprised how bright the flash is. I just the iPhone 4 a couple of days ago. I have not had any problems with dropped calls so far, but if you hold the phone a certain way the signal strength does drop from 4 to 1 bars after 15 or so seconds. I ordered the phone several days before all of the complaints surfaced but so far it has not affected me.


  2. I’m glad to hear you’re not affected. I wonder how big the impact really was anyway. I’ll be curious to see how the story develops overall. I hear really great things about the iPhone. Overall, it seems that everything about the device is amazing, but the actual phone part is lacking to a certain degree (that rings ironic to me). I’d really like to see an exhaustive study by consumer reports to hopefully show as objectively as possible how the phone service compares with others services.

    Keep showing us the apps. I love the flash. I’d like to see the video feature too like they show in all the commercials. Hopefully you know another iPhone 4 user.


    1. Thanks Ryan, I was wondering about how big the impact is too. I was wondering if the service in my area is better than some areas because it is less populated, maybe less network traffic in my area? I know big problems exist with AT&T, at least that is the rumor, but I rarely see them. I will hopefully make a video soon about the video feature of the iPhone 4.


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