10 Smartphone Apps for Real Estate Road Warriors

6 thoughts on “10 Smartphone Apps for Real Estate Road Warriors”

    1. Thanks for the comments. I use to use Jott when it was completely free, it is a great service to use to make reminders and notes when driving in the car. I have used Vlingo a few times, it is fun to use ever now and then to update Twitter or Facebook. I use Fuelly every time I fill up my car with gas to track my fuel efficiency and mileage. I think I would use DriveSafe.ly as soon as they make an iPhone app. Ryan, let me know how DriveSafe.ly works if you use it.


  1. Thanks Bryan. I tried to download DriveSafe.ly, but it’s not coming up in the Android market for whatever reason. I found a sister app called “Caller ID Reader” that is made by the same company I think. This app speaks aloud the caller’s name who is calling you apparently. The app tells me to also download “DriveSafe.ly”, but I just don’t see it in the market. I’m sure I’ll find it though. Thanks again, Bryan. You da man!!!


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