MapQuest Has A Free iPhone App. And It Is Awesome!

12 thoughts on “MapQuest Has A Free iPhone App. And It Is Awesome!”

  1. Hi Bryan – Glad to hear you like the MapQuest 4 Mobile app on iPhone! We often release updates so stay posted. Our blog is a great resource for this:

    I also wanted to let you know about a new tool called MapQuest Route Planner that we just launched. The tool lets you enter up to 25 addresses and then will optimize it based on shortest route or distance. It offers a round trip option and also offers a notes section for each stop (e.g. lock box code, etc). We created the product with Realtors in mind, so you should definitely check it out.

    Feel free to email me with questions!


  2. There just ain’t anything better than getting EXACTLY what you need. I have an Iphone and have to visit various businesses to verify, and collect, information and the Mapquest app is awesome. Jessica then pointed me to the perfect free program for my needs but I’m still wondering if it can be viewed on iPhone, or at least printed out.

    ps. Got here using: iphone application multiple route mapping 😉


  3. Glad to hear both MapQuest 4 Mobile iPhone and Route Planner are helpful! Route Planner is not yet available on iPhone, but you can use it online and then print out or email the directions. The url is
    There’s a feedback button on the Route Planner page as well – feel free to give us your thoughts after you use it. Thanks!


  4. @Jessica –

    Thanks for getting back. I have a suggestion. For those who like both, it’s simple enough to enter the info into the trip router to get the fastest line-up, and then enter them in the new order into the iphone app. It’s the best way right now to get the power of both… plan with the router, then get the functionality of the app.

    I’m gonna do it that way for now, thanks!


  5. update –

    I signed up for an AOL account to use the trip routing service but, even checking to make sure Java was enabled, it isn’t working. It won’t allow tab switching and no entry area comes up.😦


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