How To Use Google Maps to Show Your Geographic Competency

20 thoughts on “How To Use Google Maps to Show Your Geographic Competency”

  1. Bryan, Wow!!! This is an awesome idea and would be a fantastic addition to the “approved appraiser application package” when applying to a new client where you include your resume’, e & o insurance, state certification, etc.. Thank you so very much for this helpful information. I’m working on this right now and have posted a link to your helpful article on the Tips site. Thanks Again! Bill Cobb


  2. Bryan-
    Great article. Thanks for the 411 on Batch Geo. I started a similar project by manually hot linking individual records in Excel to a saved google map, but of course it is a tedious process of 1 record at a time.


  3. It will also be an excellent home page graphic image illustration of an appraiser’s experience – that you’re not a newbie appraiser. I’m using BatchGeo to process over 6,000 addresses and that’s just since 2001. It may be a while before I have the results and I will make the paypal donation they ask for to help out because they are certainly helping me. Bill


  4. Bryan, I also added a second post this morning to Tips with more linking to your post above asking “Would A Geographical Competency Map Help You In Expert Witness Testimony?” making the point about how valuable such a map would be if given a copy to the judge and both attorneys proving that you have appraised 571 properties within that immediate market area you’re testifying about since 1990. I think your post and the time you took to put it together is probably one of the helpful for appraisers I’ve seen. Thank you so much! Bill Cobb


  5. Hi Bryan- Bill Cobb sent me. I’d like to publish the story in Working RE- either the text or video- not sure if the story needs the video but we can discuss the details. First I’d like to know if you’re amenable.


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