How The Argon Browser Will Enable More Augmented Reality Real Estate Apps

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by Bryan McDonald on March 1, 2011

Georgia Institute of Technology has developed an open standards reality browser that allows almost anyone to develop augmented reality content.

Augmented reality allows people to view the physical world with digital content overlaid on top of it. AR can add information to the world and change the way people interact with it.

“Our goal is to provide a foundation for millions of Web developers to begin writing applications so they can provide users with new experiences that are unique to the world of AR,” said Blair MacIntyre, KHARMA project director and associate professor in the School of Interactive Computing at Georgia Tech. “Basically, we want to move the Web into the world.” via GA Tech

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ReadWriteWeb research found that more than 1,000 augmented reality projects went live last year.  The majority of these were created by big expensive design firms that specialize in AR and charge thousands of dollars just to get started. The other downside of AR is that most applications had to be developed on the user’s mobile device and this limits the reach of the technology.

Argon changes all of this.

Argon takes the video from the phone’s camera and renders content on top of it. Any content that can be displayed in the iPhones’s web browser can be displayed in Argon. Content can also be added using forms and Javascript.

Argon will allow almost anyone to create their own interfaces and mashups similar to the way you create websites and deliver it to people. According to the video above, just add a few scripts to your website to make it Argon enabled. Publish the data you want published, customize the content delivery, and have more control over how users interact with it.

Future releases will also include support for a range of 3D content.

How Can The Real Estate Industry Use Argon?

Image, with just a few lines of code, any real estate agent could publish a customized list of homes for sale.  Anyone with Argon could view these listings in the augmented reality browser.

What if you had a list of all of the subdivisions in your market area.  A homebuyer could launch Argon and view in AR where those subdivision were in relation to them.

What about on the hyperlocal level?  If you are a real estate blogger that publishes stories about your local market, you could feed these stories into Argon so anyone could use the browser to see where the stories happened.

Maybe you are a real estate photographer or use Flickr to showcase photos of the homes you have sold.  You could customize your website to show these Flickr photos in the Argon AR browser.

You could create a augmented reality tour of you local area, attractions, or neighborhoods.

There are a few example searches in Argon if you want to test drive the AR browser.


Visit the Argon website to learn more about developing for the browser.

Argon is free from iTunes: iTunes Link. A version for Android and other platforms is planned.

Bottom Line

Currently there a few augmented reality apps for real estate, ZipRealty, Zoopla, Rofo, and Layer, but these are made by larger companies.  Argon is going to change that.   You no longer need a significant amount of money to develop an augmented reality app. Expect to see a lot more augmented reality real estate apps pretty soon.


Ryan Lundquist March 2, 2011 at 10:35 am

Interesting. Do you plan to use this?

Profile photo of Bryan McDonald Bryan McDonald March 3, 2011 at 9:04 am

Hey Ryan, I don’t have any plans on using this but I am going to keep my eye on it. It sounds like it might be a fun tool to add to a real estate website, especially if it might only take a few lines of code to make a website Argon ready.

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